Reflecting on 10 years of (mostly) technical blogging

It all started shortly after I joined Rackspace in December of 2006. I needed a place to dump the huge amounts of information I was learning as an entry-level Linux support technician and I wanted to store everything in a place where it could be easily shared. The blog was born! The blog now has over 700 posts on topics ranging from Linux system administration to job interview preparation. I’ll get an email or a tweet once every few weeks from someone saying: “I ran into a problem, Googled for it, and found your blog!

Woot! Eight years of my blog

The spring of 2015 marks eight years of this blog! I’ve learned plenty of tough lessons along the way and I’ve made some changes recently that might be handy for other people. After watching Sasha Laundy’s video from her awesome talk at Pycon 2015, I’m even more energized to share what I’ve learned with other people. (Seriously: Go watch that video or review the slides whether you work in IT or not. It’s worth your time.)

Let’s start from the beginning.

Upgrade OpenSSL, then upgrade WordPress

Five years of

Today marks the fifth year that this blog has existed on the internet. I bought the domain on February 14th, 2007 and tossed together a quick WordPress installation (I can’t even remember the version now!) to hold my notes that I was gathering at work.

Photo credit: Will Clayton At the time, I had recently parted ways with a very small internet startup and joined the ranks at Rackspace as an entry-level Linux system administrator.

One month with GlusterFS in production

As many of you might have noticed from my previous GlusterFS blog post and my various tweets, I’ve been working with GlusterFS in production for my personal hosting needs for just over a month. I’ve also been learning quite a bit from some of the folks in the #gluster channel on Freenode. On a few occasions I’ve even been able to help out with some configuration problems from other users.