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Forcing HTTPS with PHP

·22 words·1 min
To force HTTPS with a PHP script, just put this snippet near the top:

Disabling SSLv2 in Plesk

·59 words·1 min
To disable SSLv2 server-wide on a Plesk server, add this in your /etc/httpd/conf.

Hide Apache Version

·23 words·1 min
If you want to hide the current version of Apache and your OS, just replace

Make Apache logs mimic IIS

·31 words·1 min
To make Apache write logs similar to IIS, toss this into your Apache configuration:

Verify that SSLv2 is disabled

·74 words·1 min
If you’re looking to get PCI/CISP compliance, or you just like better security, disable SSL version 2.

Strip off www from URLs with mod_rewrite

·56 words·1 min
If you need to remove subdomains from the URL that users enter to visit your website, toss this into your VirtualHost directive:

Sum Apache Bandwidth From Logs

·34 words·1 min
If you’re not a fan of scientific notation, use this to calculate the apache bandwidth used from log files in MB:


Raising MaxClients? Change ServerLimit.

·114 words·1 min
Remember, if you raise MaxClients for an MPM in Apache, you must raise the ServerLimit directive, which is normally set to 256 on most servers.