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Using ZoneMinder with a Logitech C270 webcam

·272 words·2 mins
For those of you in the market for a cheap webcam for videoconferencing or home surveillance, the Logitech C270 is hard to beat at about $20-25 USD.



Guide to securing apache

·97 words·1 min
I stumbled upon a helpful guide to securing an apache server via Reddit’s /r/netsec subreddit.



One month with GlusterFS in production

·1153 words·6 mins
As many of you might have noticed from my previous GlusterFS blog post and my various tweets, I’ve been working with GlusterFS in production for my personal hosting needs for just over a month.


Removing news feeds in Horde

·95 words·1 min
If you’ve used newer versions of Horde with Plesk, you have probably noticed the news feed that runs down the left side of the screen.


Slow Horde login process with Plesk

·305 words·2 mins
I’ve seen quite a few situations where the Horde login process can take upwards of 45 minutes to log a user into the webmail interface.

Parsing HTML through PHP in Plesk

·154 words·1 min
Some users will want to parse HTML through the PHP parser because one of their applications requires it, or because they think it’s a good idea.

Hunting down annoying web spiders

·118 words·1 min
We all enjoy having the GoogleBot and other search engine robots index our sites as it brings us higher on search engines, but it’s annoying when some user scrapes your site for their own benefit.

Apache: Disable TRACE and TRACK methods

·60 words·1 min
Lots of PCI Compliance and vulnerability scan vendors will complain about TRACE and TRACK methods being enabled on your server.

Reset the Urchin admin password

·62 words·1 min
Should you find yourself in the situation where you’ve forgotten the Urchin admin password, don’t worry.

Replace Urchin license key / serial number

·78 words·1 min
If something horrible happened to your Urchin license key or you need to replace it with something else, just run this command to change the key:

Install snort and BASE on FreeBSD

·567 words·3 mins
Installing snort from ports on FreeBSD is pretty straightforward, but there are some ‘gotchas’ that you need to be aware of.

MySQL connections in sleep state

·426 words·2 mins
On some servers, you may notice that MySQL is consuming CPU and memory resources when it’s not processing any queries.

Joomla and Plesk permissions

·134 words·1 min
Thanks to a highly awesome technician on my team, we’ve discovered the perfect permissions setup for Joomla and Plesk:

Horde refreshes when logging in

·51 words·1 min
If you find that Horde (with Plesk) keeps refreshing when you attempt to log in, and there are no errors logged on the screen or in Apache’s logs, check the session.

SSL connection to a non-secure port

·57 words·1 min
If you have weird SSL errors and this one appears, you are trying to speak SSL to a daemon that doesn’t understand it:

Disable SSLv2 in Lighttpd

·30 words·1 min
As with most things, turning off SSLv2 in Lighttpd is much easier than in Apache.

Lighttpd proxy to Tomcat

·459 words·3 mins
It seems like lighttpd and Tomcat are at the forefront of what is ‘hot’ these days.

Adjust max_execution_time for Horde in Plesk

·151 words·1 min
Often times, the wonderful webmail application known as Horde will spin out of control and cause unnecessary resource usage and often cause defunct Apache processes to appear.