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Live migration failures with KVM and libvirt

··334 words·2 mins
I decided to change some of my infrastructure back to KVM again, and the overall experience has been quite good in Fedora 22.


Docker, trusted builds, and Fedora 20

··417 words·2 mins
Docker is a hot topic in the Linux world at the moment and I decided to try out the new trusted build process.

Installing Xen on Fedora 20

··264 words·2 mins
I’ve written about installing Xen on Fedora 19 and earlier versions on this blog before.


Installing the Xen hypervisor on Fedora 19

··596 words·3 mins
It’s been a little while since I last posted about installing Xen on Fedora, so I figured that Fedora 19’s beta release was as good a time as any to write a new post.


SELinux, Xen, and block devices in Fedora 17

··386 words·2 mins
If you try to run Xen without libvirt on Fedora 17 with SELinux in enforcing mode, you’ll be butting heads with SELinux in no time.

Installing XenServer 6.0.2 on an AOpen MP57

··226 words·2 mins
Getting XenServer installed on some unusual platforms takes a bit of work and the AOpen MP57 is a challenging platform for a XenServer 6.

Preparing for Red Hat Exams

··1006 words·5 mins
I originally wrote this post for the Rackspace Blog but I’ve posted it here just in case anyone following my blog’s feed finds it useful.



Installing Xen 4 on Fedora 13

··85 words·1 min
Installing Xen can be a bit of a challenge for a beginner and it’s made especially difficult by distribution vendors who aren’t eager to include it in their current releases.