Monitor CyberPower UPS wattage

I have a CyberPower CP1350AVRLCD under my desk at home and I use it to run my computer, monitors, speakers, and a lamp. My new computer is a little more power hungry than my old one since I just moved to to a Ryzen 3700x and Nvidia GeForce 2060 and I like to keep tabs on how much energy it is consuming. Some power supplies offer a monitoring interface where you can watch your power consumption in real time, but I’m not willing to spend that much money.

Troubleshooting CyberPower PowerPanel issues in Linux

I have a CyberPower BRG1350AVRLCD at home and I’ve just connected it to a new device. However, the pwrstat command doesn’t retrieve any useful data on the new system:

pwrstat -status The UPS information shows as following: Current UPS status: State…………………… Normal Power Supply by………….. Utility Power Last Power Event…………. None I disconnected the USB cable and ran pwrstat again. Same output. I disconnected power from the UPS itself and ran pwrstat again.