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systemd-networkd on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial)

··529 words·3 mins
My OpenStack cloud depends on Ubuntu, and the latest release of OpenStack-Ansible (what I use to deploy OpenStack) requires Ubuntu 16.

Display auditd messages with journalctl

··525 words·3 mins
All systems running systemd come with a powerful tool for reviewing the system journal: journalctl.



What I learned while securing Ubuntu

··1308 words·7 mins
The blog posts have slowed down a bit lately because I’ve been heads down on a security project at work.

Improving LXC template security

··312 words·2 mins
I’ve been getting involved with the Fedora Security Team lately and we’re working as a group to crush security bugs that affect Fedora, CentOS (via EPEL) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (via EPEL).


Install sysstat on Fedora 21

··366 words·2 mins
One of the first tools I learned about after working with Red Hat was sysstat.


Automatically loading iptables rules on Debian/Ubuntu

··127 words·1 min
If you want your iptables rules automatically loaded every time your networking comes up on your Debian or Ubuntu server, you can follow these easy steps.

Linux: Adjust storage kernel module load order

··528 words·3 mins
I set up a system at home that has two SATA controllers: one is on the motherboard (nvidia chipset), while the other is on a Silicon Image SATA card that has three eSATA ports.