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Adventures with the mastodon herd

·1313 words·7 mins
Ongoing changes at Twitter led me to take a second look at mastodon, including running my own mastodon instance. 🐘


My Twitter reset

·1019 words·5 mins
At first I thought Twitter was the problem, but then I realized I was making poor choices. 🤔



Lenovo ThinkPad T430s review

·1309 words·7 mins
This post covers the second half of my experience moving back to a Linux desktop but I figured it was a good opportunity to focus on the ThinkPad T430s itself as well as the Lenovo ordering experience.

Off to the 2012 Red Hat Summit

·121 words·1 min
I’m on my way to my first Red Hat Summit and I’m really eager to learn some new things, meet new people, and share my experiences with others.