Thunderbird changes fonts in some messages, not all

Thunderbird is a great choice for a mail client on Linux systems if you prefer a GUI, but I had some problems with fonts in the most recent releases. The monospace font used for plain text messages was difficult to read. I opened Edit > Preferences > Display and clicked Advanced to the right of Fonts & Colors. The default font for monospace text was “Monospace”, and that one isn’t terribly attractive.
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Customize LDAP autocompletion format in Thunderbird

Thunderbird can connect to an LDAP server and autocomplete email addresses as you type, but it needs some adjustment for some LDAP servers. One of the LDAP servers that I use regularly returns email addresses like this in the thunderbird interface: username <firstname.lastname@domain.tld> The email address looks fine, but I’d much rather have the person’s full name instead of the username. Here’s what I’m looking for: Firstname Lastname <firstname.lastname@domain.tld> In older Thunderbird versions, setting ldap_2.
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Thunderbird opens multiple windows

When I started Thunderbird today, it opened three windows. Each window was identical. I closed two of them and then quit Thunderbird. As soon as I started Thunderbird, I had three windows again.

I found a Mozilla bug report from 2015 that had some tips for getting the additional windows closed. Choose one of the open Thunderbird windows and select Close from the File menu. Do not use ALT-F4 or CTRL-W to close the window.

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