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Fight cynicism with curiosity

··779 words·4 mins
I’m always interested to talk to college students about technology and business in general.



Install sysstat on Fedora 21

··366 words·2 mins
One of the first tools I learned about after working with Red Hat was sysstat.

Helpful Linux I/O stack diagram

··78 words·1 min
During one of my regular trips to reddit, I stumbled upon an amazingly helpful Linux I/O stack diagram:

Installing Xen on Fedora 20

··264 words·2 mins
I’ve written about installing Xen on Fedora 19 and earlier versions on this blog before.

Be an inspiration, not an impostor

··514 words·3 mins
Many of the non-technical posts on the blog are inspired by the comments of others.


Learn octal file permissions easily with stat

··106 words·1 min
My SANS classmates were learning how to set and recognize file permissions on a Linux server and we realized it would be helpful to display the octal value of the permissions next to the normal rwx display.

Moving from OS X to Linux: Day One

··1418 words·7 mins
The thought of using Linux as a manager in a highly Windows- and Mac-centric corporate environment isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Installing the Xen hypervisor on Fedora 19

··596 words·3 mins
It’s been a little while since I last posted about installing Xen on Fedora, so I figured that Fedora 19’s beta release was as good a time as any to write a new post.

Limit access to the su command

··177 words·1 min
The wheel group exists for a critical purpose and Wikipedia has a concise definition:

Remove sensitive information from email headers with postfix

··172 words·1 min
I’m in the process of moving back to a postfix/dovecot setup for hosting my own mail and I wanted a way to remove the more sensitive email headers that are normally generated when I send mail.


Lenovo ThinkPad T430s review

··1309 words·7 mins
This post covers the second half of my experience moving back to a Linux desktop but I figured it was a good opportunity to focus on the ThinkPad T430s itself as well as the Lenovo ordering experience.

Going back to Linux as a desktop

··1023 words·5 mins
Although I’ve been exclusively using a Mac for everything but servers since about 2008, I found myself considering a move back to Linux on the desktop after seeing how some people were using it at LinuxCon.

Automatic package updates in CentOS 6

··245 words·2 mins
Automating package updates in CentOS 6 is a quick process and it ensures that your system receives the latest available security patches, bugfixes and enhancements.

Monitoring and protecting your reputation online

··706 words·4 mins
After a recent issue I had with some users in the Puppy Linux forums, I thought it might be prudent to write a post about how to monitor and protect your reputation online.

DNS Service Review: Luadns

··709 words·4 mins
Vitalie Cherpec contacted me back in May about his new hosted DNS offering, Luadns.

SELinux, Xen, and block devices in Fedora 17

··386 words·2 mins
If you try to run Xen without libvirt on Fedora 17 with SELinux in enforcing mode, you’ll be butting heads with SELinux in no time.

Lesser-known but extremely handy Linux tools

··871 words·5 mins
Kristóf Kovács has a fantastic post about some lesser-known Linux tools that can really come in handy in different situations.

Preparing for Red Hat Exams

··1006 words·5 mins
I originally wrote this post for the Rackspace Blog but I’ve posted it here just in case anyone following my blog’s feed finds it useful.

Installing Fedora 16 in XenServer

··207 words·1 min
Getting Fedora 16 working in XenServer isn’t the easiest thing to do, but I’ve put together a repository on GitHub that should help.

Getting started with SELinux

··564 words·3 mins
I used to be one of those folks who would install Fedora, CentOS, Scientific Linux, or Red Hat and disable SELinux during the installation.