OpenStack isn’t dead. It’s boring. That’s a good thing.

NOTE: The opinions shared in this post are mine alone and are not related to my employer in any way. The first OpenStack Project Teams Gathering (PTG) event was held this week in Atlanta. The week was broken into two parts: cross-project work on Monday and Tuesday, and individual projects Wednesday through Friday. I was there for the first two days and heard a few discussions that started the same way.

Lessons learned: Five years of colocation

Back in 2011, I decided to try out a new method for hosting my websites and other applications: colocation. Before that, I used shared hosting, VPS providers (“cloud” wasn’t a popular thing back then), and dedicated servers. Each had their drawbacks in different areas. Some didn’t perform well, some couldn’t recover from failure well, and some were terribly time consuming to maintain. This post will explain why I decided to try colocation and will hopefully help you avoid some of my mistakes.