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What I learned while securing Ubuntu

··1308 words·7 mins
The blog posts have slowed down a bit lately because I’ve been heads down on a security project at work.


AVC: denied dyntransition from sshd

··163 words·1 min
I’ve been working with some Fedora environments in chroots and I ran into a peculiar SELinux AVC denial a short while ago:

Fixing broken DNS lookups in spamassassin

··311 words·2 mins
I talked about the joys of running my own mail server last week only to find that my mail server was broken yesterday.

Text missing in chrome on Linux

··245 words·2 mins
I’m in the process of trying Fedora 20 on my retina MacBook and I ran into a peculiar issue with Chrome.


Come and get your SELinux shirts!

··136 words·1 min
After my podcast interview at the 2013 Red Hat Summit, Dan Walsh posted a photo of himself in the SELinux shirt that I gave him at the Summit:

My interview on the Dave and Gunnar Show

··84 words·1 min
David Egts and Gunnar Hellekson were kind enough to invite me to participate in their Dave and Gunnar Show podcast during the 2013 Red Hat Summit.

Installing the Xen hypervisor on Fedora 19

··596 words·3 mins
It’s been a little while since I last posted about installing Xen on Fedora, so I figured that Fedora 19’s beta release was as good a time as any to write a new post.

Presentation: Demystifying SELinux

··83 words·1 min
While rolling through my RSS feeds, I found a great presentation by David Quigley titled “Demystifying SELinux”.

Reprint: Stop Disabling SELinux!

··708 words·4 mins
This article appeared in SC Magazine and I’ve posted it here as well.

Seriously, stop disabling SELinux

··147 words·1 min
After many discussions with fellow Linux users, I’ve come to realize that most seem to disable SELinux rather than understand why it’s denying access.


SELinux, Xen, and block devices in Fedora 17

··386 words·2 mins
If you try to run Xen without libvirt on Fedora 17 with SELinux in enforcing mode, you’ll be butting heads with SELinux in no time.

SELinux and .forward files

··144 words·1 min
If you want to forward e-mail from root to another user, you can usually place a .