Rotate GNOME 3’s wallpaper with systemd user units and timers

NOTE: This works in Fedora 21, but not in Fedora 22. Review this post for the fixes. GNOME 3 has improved by leaps and bounds since its original release and it’s my daily driver window manager on my Linux laptop. Even with all of these improvements, there’s still no built-in way to rotate wallpaper (that I’ve found). There are some extensions, like BackSlide, that enable background rotation on a time interval.

Idiot’s guide to OAuth logins for Twitter

It certainly shouldn’t be difficult, but I always have a tough time with OAuth. Twitter is dropping support for basic authentication on June 30th, 2010. I have some automated Twitter bots that need an upgrade, so I’ve been working on a quick solution to generate tokens for my scripts. I formulated a pretty simple script using John Nunemaker’s twitter gem that will get it done manually for any scripts you have that read from or update Twitter: