Talk recap: The friendship of OpenStack and Ansible

The 2016 Red Hat Summit is underway in San Francisco this week and I delivered a talk with Robyn Bergeron earlier today. Our talk, When flexibility met simplicity: The friendship of OpenStack and Ansible, explained how Ansible can reduce the complexity of OpenStack environments without sacrificing the flexibility that private clouds offer. The talk started at the same time as lunch began and the Partner Pavilion first opened, so we had some stiff competition for attendees’ attention.

My list of must-see sessions at Red Hat Summit 2016

The Red Hat Summit starts this week in San Francisco, and a few folks asked me about the sessions that they shouldn’t miss. The schedule can be overwhelming for first timers and it can be difficult at times to discern the technical sessions from the ones that are more sales-oriented. If you’re in San Francisco, and you want to learn a bit more about using Ansible to manage OpenStack environments, come to the session that I am co-presenting with Robyn Bergeron: When flexibility met simplicity: The friendship of OpenStack and Ansible.

OpenStack Summit in Austin is almost here!

OpenStack comes home to Austin on Monday for the OpenStack Summit! I will be there with plenty of other Rackers to learn, collaborate, and share our story. If you’re interested in applying automated security hardening to an OpenStack cloud, be sure to drop by my talk on Tuesday from 11:15 to 11:55 AM. I’ll explain how Rackspace uses the openstack-ansible-security Ansible role to automatically apply hardening standards to servers in an OpenStack private cloud.

Build a high performance KVM hypervisor on Rackspace’s OnMetal servers

I received some good feedback about my post on systemd-networkd and bonded interfaces on Rackspace’s OnMetal servers, and I decided to write about another use case. Recent product updates allow you to attach a Cloud Block Storage volume, and this opens up quite a few new possibilities for deployments. So why not create a high-performance KVM hypervisor on an OnMetal server? Let’s do this. Disclaimer WHOA THERE. These are amazing servers and because of that, they’re priced much differently than Cloud Servers are.

Fedora 23 Alpha in

Fedora 23’s Alpha release was announced earlier this month and work is underway for the beta release. The full list of dates for the Fedora 23 release is in the Fedora wiki. If you’d like to try Fedora 23 Alpha a little sooner, check out I added support for Fedora 23 in the menus last night. Quick start If you want to get underway quickly, simply download the boot.