Reaching the fork in the road

Walt Disney said it best: We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. The world of technology is all about change. We tear down the old things that get in our way and we build new technology that takes us to new heights. Tearing down these old things can often be difficult and that forces us to make difficult choices.

OpenStack Summit Boston 2017 Recap

The OpenStack Summit wrapped up today in Boston and it was a great week! There were plenty of informative breakouts and some interesting keynotes. Keynotes Beth Cohen shared some of the work that Verizon has done with software-defined WAN on customer-premises equipment (CPE). She showed a demo of how customers could easily provision virtual network hardware, such as firewalls or intrusion detection systems, without waiting for hardware or cabling changes.

Five reasons why I’m excited about POWER9

There’s plenty to like about the POWER8 architecture: high speed interconnections, large (and flexible) core counts, and support for lots of memory. POWER9 provides improvements in all of these areas and it has learned some entirely new tricks as well. Here are my top five reasons for getting excited about POWER9: NVLink 2.0 In the simplext terms, NVLink provides a very high speed interface between CPUs and GPUs with very low latency.

Reflecting on 10 years of (mostly) technical blogging

It all started shortly after I joined Rackspace in December of 2006. I needed a place to dump the huge amounts of information I was learning as an entry-level Linux support technician and I wanted to store everything in a place where it could be easily shared. The blog was born! The blog now has over 700 posts on topics ranging from Linux system administration to job interview preparation. I’ll get an email or a tweet once every few weeks from someone saying: “I ran into a problem, Googled for it, and found your blog!

Join me on Thursday to talk about OpenStack LBaaS and security hardening

If you want to learn more about load balancers and security hardening in OpenStack clouds, join me on Thursday for the Rackspace Office Hours podcast! Walter Bentley, Kenneth Hui and I will be talking about some of the new features available in the 12.2 release of Rackspace Private Cloud powered by OpenStack. The release has a tech preview of OpenStack’s Load Balancer as a Service project. The new LBaaSv2 API is stable and makes it easy to create load balancers, add pools, and add members.