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Five reasons why I’m excited about POWER9

·429 words·3 mins
There’s plenty to like about the POWER8 architecture: high speed interconnections, large (and flexible) core counts, and support for lots of memory.



Woot! Eight years of my blog

·688 words·4 mins

The spring of 2015 marks eight years of this blog! I’ve learned plenty of tough lessons along the way and I’ve made some changes recently that might be handy for other people. After watching Sasha Laundy’s video from her awesome talk at Pycon 20151, I’m even more energized to share what I’ve learned with other people. (Seriously: Go watch that video or review the slides whether you work in IT or not. It’s worth your time.)

Let’s start from the beginning.





You might see me on CNN Money soon

·52 words·1 min
A videographer from CNN Money stopped by the office today to ask about what makes Rackspace a unique place to work.

Xen Summit 2011: My Takeways

·960 words·5 mins
Quite a few people who couldn’t make it to Xen Summit 2011 this year asked me to write a post summarizing my takeaways from the event.

How to survive as a technical manager

·934 words·5 mins
Anyone who says management is easy obviously hasn’t done it for very long or they’re not doing their job very well.

FUDCon 2011: Day One

·755 words·4 mins
The first day of FUDCon 2011 in Tempe is coming to a close tonight and I’m completely exhausted.


How to sell: a guide for technical people

·776 words·4 mins
I’ll admit it right now: I love engaging customers and learning more about how what we do at Rackspace can help their business or ideas take flight.

Why I’m a Racker

·176 words·1 min
I normally try to keep my work-related items separate from this blog, but I felt that I needed to break tradition for a moment.