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Mounting the AWS Elastic File Store on Fedora

··1495 words·8 mins
Fedora now has the AWS Elastic File Store (EFS) mount helper available for Fedora 38 and newer releases! It chooses optimized NFS mount options for you and makes mounting and unmounting a breeze.



Install Azure CLI on Fedora 35

··251 words·2 mins
Provision services on Microsoft’s Azure CLI on Fedora 35. 💙

A new future for icanhazip

··1487 words·7 mins lives on with the same mission, but with a new owner 🤗

Efficient emojis with rofimoji

··404 words·2 mins
Emojis brighten up any message or document. 🌻 Search, select, and use emojis quickly on Linux with rofimoji. 🤗


RHEL 7 STIG v1 updates for openstack-ansible-security

··204 words·1 min
DISA’s final release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) came out a few weeks ago and it has plenty of improvements and changes.


Power 8 to the people

··980 words·5 mins
IBM Edge 2016 is almost over and I’ve learned a lot about Power 8 this week.

Getting started with gertty

··435 words·3 mins
When you’re ready to commit code in an OpenStack project, your patch will eventually land in a Gerrit queue for review.

Segmentation faults with sphinx and pyenv

··165 words·1 min
I’m a big fan of the pyenv project because it makes installing multiple python versions a simple process.


Automatic package updates with dnf

··354 words·2 mins
With Fedora 22’s release date quickly approaching, it’s time to familiarize yourself with dnf.



Relocating a python virtual environment

··340 words·2 mins
Python’s virtual environment capability is extremely handy for situations where you don’t want the required modules for a particular python project to get mixed up with your system-wide installed modules.


Tracing a build through OpenStack Compute (Nova)

··323 words·2 mins
My work at Rackspace has changed a bit in the last few weeks and I’ve shifted from managing a team of engineers to a full technical focus on OpenStack Nova.


rpmdb: Lock table is out of available locker entries

··159 words·1 min
If up2date throws some horrible Python errors and rpm says “rpmdb: Lock table is out of available locker entries”, you can restore your system to normality with the following: