Five reasons why I’m excited about POWER9

There’s plenty to like about the POWER8 architecture: high speed interconnections, large (and flexible) core counts, and support for lots of memory. POWER9 provides improvements in all of these areas and it has learned some entirely new tricks as well. Here are my top five reasons for getting excited about POWER9: NVLink 2.0 In the simplext terms, NVLink provides a very high speed interface between CPUs and GPUs with very low latency.

OpenPOWER Summit Europe 2016 Recap

I was in Barcelona last week for two big events: the OpenStack Summit and the OpenPOWER Summit. Luckily, the events were separated only by a five minute walk. Many of the slides from the OpenPOWER Summit are already available online. One of my favorite talks was from Prof. Mateo Valero, the director of the Barcelona Supercomputer Center (Centro Nacional de Supercomputación). He was a great speaker and he talked a lot about how OpenPOWER has given them a new edge.

Power 8 to the people

IBM Edge 2016 is almost over and I’ve learned a lot about Power 8 this week. I’ve talked about some of the learnings in my recaps of days one and two. The performance arguments sound really interesting and some of the choices in AIX’s design seem to make a lot of sense. However, there’s one remaining barrier for me: Power 8 isn’t really accessible for a tinkerer. Tinkering? Google defines tinkering as:

IBM Edge 2016: Day 2 Recap

Day two of IBM Edge 2016 is all done, and the focus has shifted to the individual. Let’s get right to the recap: General session One of the more memorable talks during the general session was Hortonworks. They’ve helped a transport company do more than simply track drivers. They assemble and analyze lots of information about each driver, the truck, the current road conditions, and other factors. From there, they apply a risk rating to that particular truck and provide updates to the driver about potential hazards.

IBM Edge 2016: Day 1 Recap

I am here in Las Vegas for IBM Edge 2016 to learn about the latest developments in POWER, machine learning, and OpenStack. It isn’t just about learning - I’m sharing some of our own use cases and challenges from my daily work at Rackspace. I kicked off the day with a great run down the Las Vegas strip. There are many more staircases and escalators than I remember, but it was still a fun run.