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Five reasons why I’m excited about POWER9

·429 words·3 mins
There’s plenty to like about the POWER8 architecture: high speed interconnections, large (and flexible) core counts, and support for lots of memory.


Power 8 to the people

·1000 words·5 mins
IBM Edge 2016 is almost over and I’ve learned a lot about Power 8 this week.

IBM Edge 2016: Day 2 Recap

·647 words·4 mins
Day two of IBM Edge 2016 is all done, and the focus has shifted to the individual.

IBM Edge 2016: Day 1 Recap

·905 words·5 mins
I am here in Las Vegas for IBM Edge 2016 to learn about the latest developments in POWER, machine learning, and OpenStack.

Getting ready for IBM Edge 2016

·181 words·1 min
IBM Edge 2016 starts next week in Las Vegas with an emphasis on changing how we think about technology.