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Horde refreshes when logging in

·51 words·1 min
If you find that Horde (with Plesk) keeps refreshing when you attempt to log in, and there are no errors logged on the screen or in Apache’s logs, check the session.

Plesk SQL Statements

·126 words·1 min
When you need to find information about anything in Plesk, here’s some SQL statements that you can use:

Plesk Database Schematic

·34 words·1 min
I’ve heard a lot of people are interested in something like this, so I decided to create it.

Bulk IP update in Plesk

·442 words·3 mins
There’s lots of situations where you’d want to use a bulk IP change in Plesk:

Wave the Plesk magic wand

·51 words·1 min
If Plesk ever appears to be out of sync with the configuration files, or if there’s a Plesk issue that’s occurring that makes no sense at all, just stand back and wave the Plesk magic wand: