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Forcing qmail to process e-mail in the queue

··92 words·1 min
Normally, qmail will be able to process the mail queue without any interaction from the system administrator, however, if you want to force it to process everything that is in the queue right now, you can do so:

Strange error with Horde 3.1.3 and Plesk 8.1.1

··80 words·1 min
I saw a ticket the other day where a customer received this error from Horde when trying to expand items on the left pane of the interface:

Plesk and MySQL 5

··110 words·1 min
One of the questions I receive the most is: “What version of Plesk works with MySQL 5?

Removing news feeds in Horde

··95 words·1 min
If you’ve used newer versions of Horde with Plesk, you have probably noticed the news feed that runs down the left side of the screen.


Sort e-mail in Plesk with procmail

··190 words·1 min
One of my biggest beefs with Plesk’s e-mail handling is the lack of server-side filtering.

Slow Horde login process with Plesk

··305 words·2 mins
I’ve seen quite a few situations where the Horde login process can take upwards of 45 minutes to log a user into the webmail interface.

Parsing HTML through PHP in Plesk

··154 words·1 min
Some users will want to parse HTML through the PHP parser because one of their applications requires it, or because they think it’s a good idea.

Session problems with Horde in Plesk with AOL

··98 words·1 min
Since AOL sends their users’ traffic through proxy servers, this can cause problems with Horde’s session handling in Plesk.

Low priority Plesk backups

··114 words·1 min
I hear a lot of complaints about Plesk’s backup routines and how they can bring a server to its knees.

Add custom rules to the Plesk firewall

··114 words·1 min
Plesk has a (somewhat annoying) default firewall configuration that you can adjust from within the Plesk interface.

Automatic Plesk login

··19 words·1 min
If you want to make a quick bookmark that will automatically log yourself into Plesk, make this bookmark:

Remove all open_basedir restrictions in Plesk

··47 words·1 min
If you want to remove all of the open_basedir restrictions for all sites in Plesk, simply create a file called /etc/httpd/conf.

Send Plesk e-mail to /dev/null or blackhole

··129 words·1 min
Should you find yourself needing to send e-mail destined for a certain account to a blackhole or to /dev/null, you’ll find very little information from Google.

Changing the default SSL certificate in Plesk

··221 words·2 mins
When Plesk is installed, the default certificate for the Plesk interface itself is a self-signed certificate that is generated during the installation.

Joomla and Plesk permissions

··134 words·1 min
Thanks to a highly awesome technician on my team, we’ve discovered the perfect permissions setup for Joomla and Plesk:

Plesk submission port (587) for outbound mail

··105 words·1 min
If you can’t send mail via port 25 due to blocks imposed by your ISP, you can enable the submission port within Plesk pretty easily.

Horde refreshes when logging in

··51 words·1 min
If you find that Horde (with Plesk) keeps refreshing when you attempt to log in, and there are no errors logged on the screen or in Apache’s logs, check the session.

Plesk SQL Statements

··126 words·1 min
When you need to find information about anything in Plesk, here’s some SQL statements that you can use: