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Install ThinkOrSwim on Fedora Linux

··639 words·3 mins
Learn how to install TD Ameritrade’s ThinkOrSwim desktop application on Linux and get everything working. 💸


Free resources for the stock market

··993 words·5 mins
Investing in stock or trading options is complicated, but there are plenty of free resources available to make research easier.

Selling options made simpler

··1168 words·6 mins
Feedback from my original options selling post said that the concept was too difficult to follow. Let’s use an analogy!

Defending losing options trades

··1232 words·6 mins
You did your research and made a great options trade, but now it is a losing trade. What can you do now?

Which stock broker should you use?

··2058 words·10 mins
Not all stock brokerages are the same. Think about your requirements, shop around, and read the fine print.

Choosing options to sell

··1963 words·10 mins
Taking the leap and selling your first options contract takes a lot of thought and preparation.

Lessons learned from selling puts

··2092 words·10 mins
Learn from my successes and mistakes while selling puts in the stock market in 2020.


Know your max loss

··1432 words·7 mins
Knowing your maximum amount of loss on trade is the difference between taking a calculated risk and blowing up your account.

The Dark Side: Selling Options

··1817 words·9 mins
Selling options puts you on the other side of the options contract from buyers, but it comes with obligations.

Options trading introduction

··1697 words·8 mins
Trading options contracts feels incredibly daunting, but you can learn the terminology and make good choices in the market.