Five reasons why I’m excited about POWER9

There’s plenty to like about the POWER8 architecture: high speed interconnections, large (and flexible) core counts, and support for lots of memory. POWER9 provides improvements in all of these areas and it has learned some entirely new tricks as well. Here are my top five reasons for getting excited about POWER9: NVLink 2.0 In the simplext terms, NVLink provides a very high speed interface between CPUs and GPUs with very low latency.

What I’m looking forward to at IBM Interconnect 2017

IBM Interconnect 2017 is coming up next month in Las Vegas. Last year’s conference was a whirlwind of useful talks, inspiring hallway conversations, and great networking opportunities. I was exhausted by the week’s end, but it was totally worth it. One of my favorite sessions from last year was Tanmay Bakshi’s keynote. It was truly inspiring to see someone so young take command of such a large stage and teach us all something.