DevConf.CZ 2019 Recap

DevConf.CZ 2019 wrapped up last weekend and it was a great event packed with lots of knowledgeable speakers, an engaging hallway track, and delicious food. This was my first trip to any DevConf and it was my second trip to Brno. Lots of snow showed up on the second day and more snow arrived later in the week!

First talk of 2019 I co-presented a talk with one of my teammates, Nikolai, about some of the fun work we’ve been doing at Red Hat to improve the quality of the Linux kernel in an automated way.

Getting ready for IBM Edge 2016

IBM Edge 2016 starts next week in Las Vegas with an emphasis on changing how we think about technology. I’ll definitely be interested in the sessions on open source technology and advances in OpenPOWER. Here are a few of the sessions from my must-see list: OpenPower Revolution in the Datacenter IBM Power Systems - Made for the future of Cloud - Tech and Strategy Overview Scalable TensorFlow Deep Learning Deploying an OpenStack Cloud on POWER8 Using Ubuntu Metal-as-a-Service and Juju Power Cloud: PowerVM in a Heterogenous OpenStack Cloud (from members of the OpenStack-Ansible community!

What’s Happening in OpenStack-Ansible (WHOA) – July 2016

This post is the second installment in the series of What’s Happening in OpenStack-Ansible (WHOA) posts that I’m assembling each month. My goal is to inform more people about what we’re doing in the OpenStack-Ansible community and bring on more contributors to the project. July brought lots of changes for the OpenStack-Ansible project and the remaining work for the Newton release is coming together well. Many of the changes made in the Newton branch have made deployments faster, more reliable and more repeatable.

What’s Happening in OpenStack-Ansible (WHOA) – June 2016

The world of OpenStack moves quickly. Each day brings new features, new bug fixes, and new ways of thinking. The OpenStack-Ansible community strives to understand these changes and make them easier for operators to implement. The OpenStack-Ansible project is a collection of playbooks and roles written by operators for operators. These playbooks make it easier to deploy, maintain, and upgrade an OpenStack cloud. Keeping up with the changes in the OpenStack-Ansible project is challenging.


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