supernova is coming to Fedora repositories

If you use Fedora, you will soon be able to install supernova via a Fedora package! The packages are currently in the testing repositories but they will soon be available in the stable repositories for Fedora 22, 23, and rawhide. Want it right now? If you want to install supernova now, simply tell dnf to install it from the updates-testing repository: dnf install –enablerepo=updates-testing supernova supernova in EPEL A few people have asked for supernova to be added to EPEL, but the version of the click module for python is too old.

supernova: Manage multiple OpenStack nova environments with ease

While working on multiple nova (OpenStack Compute) environments at Rackspace, I found myself thrashing between multiple terminal windows where I had exported environment variables for python-novaclient to use. I ended up requesting some image and instance deletions in a terminal window only to find that I’d done the deletions in the wrong nova environment. Once I realized what I’d done (and after a small bit of cursing), I knew there had to be a better way to work with multiple environments.

Tracing a build through OpenStack Compute (Nova)

My work at Rackspace has changed a bit in the last few weeks and I’ve shifted from managing a team of engineers to a full technical focus on OpenStack Nova. Although it was difficult to leave my management position, I’m happy to get back to my roots and dig into the technical stuff again. One of the first things I wanted to tackle was understanding how a build request flows through Nova to a XenServer hypervisor.