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Add a VLAN on a Mikrotik router

··1024 words·5 mins
Segment your home network easily with a VLAN on a Mikrotik router. 🖥️


Monitor a UPS with a Mikrotik router via SNMP

··704 words·4 mins
Mikrotik routers and switches serve as efficient network devices, but they know other tricks, too. Monitor your UPS with a Mikrotik device and query it via SNMP. 🔌

Build a Tailscale exit node with firewalld

··788 words·4 mins
Tailscale exit nodes allow you to route your traffic through nearly any system in your tailnet. Learn how to build an exit node using firewalld. 🕳️

PXE boot on a Mikrotik router

··746 words·4 mins
Get systems online quickly or rescue a broken system by PXE booting from using a Mikrotik router. 🛠


Secure Tailscale networks with firewalld

··645 words·4 mins
Tailscale provides a handy private network mesh across multiple devices but it needs security just like any other network. 🕵


Get a /56 from Spectrum using wide-dhcpv6

··101 words·1 min
After writing my last post on my IPv6 woes with my Pixel 3, some readers asked how I’m handling IPv6 on my router lately.

Pixel 3 Wi-Fi drops constantly

··1283 words·7 mins
We have two Google Pixel phones in our house: a Pixel 2 and a Pixel 3.


systemd-networkd on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial)

··529 words·3 mins
My OpenStack cloud depends on Ubuntu, and the latest release of OpenStack-Ansible (what I use to deploy OpenStack) requires Ubuntu 16.


Lessons learned: Five years of colocation

··1958 words·10 mins
Back in 2011, I decided to try out a new method for hosting my websites and other applications: colocation.

Enable IPv6 privacy in NetworkManager

··480 words·3 mins
On most IPv6-enabled networks, network addresses are distributed via stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC).

Tinkering with systemd’s predictable network names

··549 words·3 mins
I’ve talked about predictable network names (and seemingly unpredictable ones) on the blog before, but some readers asked me how they could alter the network naming to fit a particular situation.


GRE tunnels with systemd-networkd

··868 words·5 mins
Switching to systemd-networkd for managing your networking interfaces makes things quite a bit simpler over standard networking scripts or NetworkManager.

Understanding systemd’s predictable network device names

··1310 words·7 mins
I talked a bit about systemd’s network device name in my earlier post about systemd-networkd and bonding and I received some questions about how systemd rolls through the possible names of network devices to choose the final name.

HOWTO: Mikrotik OpenVPN server

··1074 words·6 mins

RB850Gx2 mikrotikMikrotik firewalls have been good to me over the years and they work well for multiple purposes. Creating an OpenVPN server on the device can allow you to connect into your local network when you’re on the road or protect your traffic when you’re using untrusted networks.

Although Miktrotik’s implementation isn’t terribly robust (TCP only, client cert auth is wonky), it works quite well for most users. I’ll walk you through the process from importing certificates through testing it out with a client.


HOWTO: Time Warner Cable and IPv6

··1158 words·6 mins
Time Warner has gradually rolled out IPv6 connectivity to their Road Runner customers over the past couple of years and it started appearing on my home network earlier this year.


Moving from OS X to Linux: Day One

··1418 words·7 mins
The thought of using Linux as a manager in a highly Windows- and Mac-centric corporate environment isn’t something to be taken lightly.


One week with Android

··873 words·5 mins
After getting Android-envy at LinuxCon, I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and ditch my iPhone 4 for a Samsung Galaxy S III.

The Kerberos-hater’s guide to installing Kerberos

··1619 words·8 mins
As promised in my earlier post entitled Kerberos for haters, I’ve assembled the simplest possible guide to get Kerberos up an running on two CentOS 5 servers.

Kerberos for haters

··686 words·4 mins
I’ll be the first one to admit that Kerberos drives me a little insane.


Handy networking cheat sheets from Packet Life

··59 words·1 min
If you find yourself forgetting bits and pieces about network topics, Packet Life’s cheat sheets should be a handy resource for you.