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Share a wireless connection via ethernet in GNOME 3.14

··368 words·2 mins

There are some situations where you want to do the opposite of creating a wireless hotspot and you want to share a wireless connection to an ethernet connection. For example, if you’re at a hotel that offers only WiFi internet access, you could share that connection to an ethernet switch and plug in more devices. Also, you could get online with your wireless connection and create a small NAT network to test a network device without mangling your home network.


Unexpected predictable network naming with systemd

··472 words·3 mins
While using a Dell R720 at work today, we stumbled upon a problem where the predictable network device naming with systemd gave us some unpredictable results.



Lesser-known but extremely handy Linux tools

··871 words·5 mins
Kristóf Kovács has a fantastic post about some lesser-known Linux tools that can really come in handy in different situations.

Kerberos for haters

··686 words·4 mins
I’ll be the first one to admit that Kerberos drives me a little insane.



Keep web servers in sync with DRBD and OCFS2

··535 words·3 mins
The guide to redundant cloud hosting that I wrote recently will need some adjustments as I’ve fallen hard for the performance and reliability of DRBD and OCFS2.

Securing your ssh server

··748 words·4 mins
One of the most common questions that I see in my favorite IRC channel is: “How can I secure sshd on my server?

One month with GlusterFS in production

··1153 words·6 mins
As many of you might have noticed from my previous GlusterFS blog post and my various tweets, I’ve been working with GlusterFS in production for my personal hosting needs for just over a month.

Adding comments to iptables rules

··106 words·1 min
After I wrote a recent post on best practices for iptables, I noticed that I forgot to mention comments for iptables rules.

Testing network throughput with iperf

··262 words·2 mins
When you need to measure network throughput and capacity, I haven’t found a simpler solution than iperf.