MySQLTuner v1.3.0

It’s been three long years since the last MySQLTuner release but you’ll now find version 1.3.0 available on GitHub. You can get it from the git repository or via these extremely simple methods: wget -O wget --trust-server-names There are a bunch of new features and fixes that you can find in the list of commits from today (2014-02-21). Some of the bigger adjustments include: Basic support for MariaDB 10....

2014-02-22 · 1 min · Major Hayden

Survive the Google Reader exodus with Tiny Tiny RSS

It’s no secret that Google Reader is a popular way to keep up with your RSS feeds, but it’s getting shelved later this year. Most folks suggested Feedly as a replacement but I found the UI quite clunky in a browser and on Android devices. Then someone suggested Tiny Tiny RSS. I couldn’t learn more about it on the day Google Reader’s shutdown was announced because the site was slammed. In a nutshell, Tiny Tiny RSS is a well-written web UI for managing feeds and a handy API for using it with mobile applications....

2013-03-17 · 2 min · Major Hayden

mysql-json-bridge: a simple JSON API for MySQL

My quest to get better at Python led me to create a new project on GitHub. It’s called mysql-json-bridge and it’s ready for you to use. Why do we need a JSON API for MySQL? The real need sprang from a situation I was facing daily at Rackspace. We have a lot of production and pre-production environments which are in flux but we need a way to query data from various MySQL servers for multiple purposes....

2012-03-29 · 3 min · Major Hayden

MySQLTuner mentioned at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference

If you push play, the video should scoot out to about the 14m40s mark where MySQLTuner appears on one of the slides. Thanks to Trent Hornibrook for letting me know!

2011-04-16 · 1 min · Major Hayden

Monitor MySQL restore progress with pv

The pv command is one that I really enjoy using but it’s also one that I often forget about. You can’t get a much more concise definition of what pv does than this one: pv allows a user to see the progress of data through a pipeline, by giving information such as time elapsed, percentage completed (with progress bar), current throughput rate, total data transferred, and ETA. The usage certainly isn’t complicated:...

2010-11-24 · 2 min · Major Hayden

Private network interfaces: the forgotten security hole

Regardless of the type of hosting you’re using - dedicated or cloud - it’s important to take network interface security seriously. Most often, threats from the internet are the only ones mentioned. However, if you share a private network with other customers, you have just as much risk on that interface. Many cloud providers allow you access to a private network environment where you can exchange data with other instances or other services offered by the provider....

2010-03-02 · 3 min · Major Hayden

MySQL: The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size

If you’re running an operation on a large number of rows within a table that uses the InnoDB storage engine, you might see this error: ERROR 1206 (HY000): The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size MySQL is trying to tell you that it doesn’t have enough room to store all of the row locks that it would need to execute your query. The only way to fix it for sure is to adjust innodb_buffer_pool_size and restart MySQL....

2010-02-16 · 1 min · Major Hayden

MySQL: The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size

This problem has cropped up for me a few times, but I’ve always forgotten to make a post about it. If you’re working with a large InnoDB table and you’re updating, inserting, or deleting a large volume of rows, you may stumble upon this error: InnoDB stores its lock tables in the main buffer pool. This means that the number of locks you can have at the same time is limited by the innodb_buffer_pool_size variable that was set when MySQL was started....

2010-01-29 · 2 min · Major Hayden

PHPMyAdmin 3.x hides the table indexes

Users of PHPMyAdmin 3.x may find that the table indexes are automatically hidden at the bottom of the page. I find this to be a huge annoyance since table indexes are tremendously important to the structure of the table. If you don’t want to downgrade to PHPMyAdmin 2.x, just add the following line to the top of your file: This will cause the indexes to be displayed when you click Structure for a certain table....

2009-04-04 · 1 min · Major Hayden

MySQLTuner 1.0.0 is now available

It has finally arrived. MySQLTuner 1.0.0 is now available for download. Major improvements include full support for MySQL 5.1 and Solaris. You can review other changes in the changelog. As always, I’d like to personally thank everyone who has made this release possible. Your efforts have provided benefits from MySQL users worldwide, and they have shown me how rewarding it is to maintain open source software.

2008-12-02 · 1 min · Major Hayden