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MySQL: ERROR 1040: Too many connections

·651 words·4 mins
If you run a fairly busy and/or badly configured MySQL server, you may receive something like this when attempting to connect:

Backing up MySQL to Amazon’s S3

·123 words·1 min
I received an e-mail from Tim Linden about a post he made in his blog about backing up MySQL data to Amazon’s S3.

Plesk and MySQL 5

·110 words·1 min
One of the questions I receive the most is: “What version of Plesk works with MySQL 5?

MySQL Replication: Wrap-up

·71 words·1 min
After a couple of weeks, my MySQL replication series has come to a close.

MySQL Replication: Breakdown

·313 words·2 mins
On some occasions, MySQL replication can break down if an statement comes from the master that makes no sense to the slave.

MySQL Replication: Redundancy

·311 words·2 mins
Although performance is a much larger benefit of replication, it provides some redundancy for your application as well.

MySQL Replication: Performance

·269 words·2 mins
MySQL replication can increase performance by allowing developers to spread queries over two servers.