Deploy monit in OpenShift

Monit is a tried-and-true method for monitoring all kinds of systems, services, and network endpoints. Deploying monit is easy. There’s only one binary daemon to run and it reads monitoring configuration from files in a directory you specify. Most Linux distributions have a package for monit and the package usually contains some basic configuration along with a systemd unit file to run the daemon reliably. However, this post is all about how to deploy it inside OpenShift.

Simple server monitoring with xinetd

You can use the simple but powerful xinetd on your Linux server to monitor almost anything on the server. Since xinetd just holds open a port and waits for a connection, you can tell it to run a script and return the output directly to the network stream. To start, you’ll need a script which will return data to stdout. In this example, I’ll use a very simple script like the following: