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Setting the hostname in Sendmail

·33 words·1 min
If you need to change the hostname that Sendmail announces itself as, just add the following to sendmail.

Adjust max_execution_time for Horde in Plesk

·151 words·1 min
Often times, the wonderful webmail application known as Horde will spin out of control and cause unnecessary resource usage and often cause defunct Apache processes to appear.

Finding compromised mail accounts in Plesk

·291 words·2 mins
If odd bounced e-mails are coming back to the server or the server is listed in a blacklist, some accounts may be compromised on the server.

Verify that SSLv2 is disabled

·74 words·1 min
If you’re looking to get PCI/CISP compliance, or you just like better security, disable SSL version 2.

Repairing the qmail queue

·278 words·2 mins
There are three main things to remember when it comes to the qmail queue:


Canโ€™t Kill Sendmail Processes

·98 words·1 min
If you find yourself in the sticky situation where kill -9 still won’t kill a sendmail process, check the process list.

Fixing Invalid HELOโ€™s

·329 words·2 mins
If your server is spewing an invalid HELO, you could be blacklisted pretty quickly.