Mounting an LVM snapshot containing partitions

LVM snapshots can be really handy when you’re trying to take a backup of a running virtual machine. However, mounting the snapshot can be tricky if the logical volume is partitioned. I have a virtual machine running zoneminder on one of my servers at home and I needed to take a backup of the instance with rdiff-backup. I made a snapshot of the logical volume and attempted to mount it:

XenServer 6: Storage repository on software RAID

Although Citrix recommends against using software RAID with XenServer due to performance issues, I’ve had some pretty awful experiences with hardware RAID cards over the last few years. In addition, the price of software RAID makes it a very desirable solution. Before you get started, go through the steps to disable GPT. That post also explains an optional adjustment to get a larger root partition (which I would recommend). You cannot complete the steps in this post if your XenServer installation uses GPT.