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Moving from OS X to Linux: Day One

·1418 words·7 mins
The thought of using Linux as a manager in a highly Windows- and Mac-centric corporate environment isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Come and get your SELinux shirts!

·136 words·1 min
After my podcast interview at the 2013 Red Hat Summit, Dan Walsh posted a photo of himself in the SELinux shirt that I gave him at the Summit:

My interview on the Dave and Gunnar Show

·84 words·1 min
David Egts and Gunnar Hellekson were kind enough to invite me to participate in their Dave and Gunnar Show podcast during the 2013 Red Hat Summit.

Red Hat Summit 2013 Recap

·1027 words·5 mins
The 2013 Red Hat Summit was my second one and I enjoyed it more than last year.

Installing the Xen hypervisor on Fedora 19

·596 words·3 mins
It’s been a little while since I last posted about installing Xen on Fedora, so I figured that Fedora 19’s beta release was as good a time as any to write a new post.


Lenovo ThinkPad T430s review

·1309 words·7 mins
This post covers the second half of my experience moving back to a Linux desktop but I figured it was a good opportunity to focus on the ThinkPad T430s itself as well as the Lenovo ordering experience.

Going back to Linux as a desktop

·1023 words·5 mins
Although I’ve been exclusively using a Mac for everything but servers since about 2008, I found myself considering a move back to Linux on the desktop after seeing how some people were using it at LinuxCon.

One week with Android

·873 words·5 mins
After getting Android-envy at LinuxCon, I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and ditch my iPhone 4 for a Samsung Galaxy S III.

Privacy and

·507 words·3 mins
A forum thread cropped in my inbox today from the Puppy Linux forums titled “Major Hayden?

Off to the 2012 Red Hat Summit

·121 words·1 min
I’m on my way to my first Red Hat Summit and I’m really eager to learn some new things, meet new people, and share my experiences with others.

Fedora 17 is a go!

·101 words·1 min
I was glad to see the Fedora 17 Final is declared GOLD!

New Fedora and EPEL package: httpry

·229 words·2 mins
A fellow Racker showed me httpry about five years ago and I’ve had in my toolbox as a handy way to watch HTTP traffic.

Preparing for Red Hat Exams

·1011 words·5 mins
I originally wrote this post for the Rackspace Blog but I’ve posted it here just in case anyone following my blog’s feed finds it useful.

Kerberos for haters

·686 words·4 mins
I’ll be the first one to admit that Kerberos drives me a little insane.

XenServer 6: Storage repository on software RAID

·760 words·4 mins
Although Citrix recommends against using software RAID with XenServer due to performance issues, I’ve had some pretty awful experiences with hardware RAID cards over the last few years.


Highlight IP addresses with a double click in Firefox

·145 words·1 min
My daily work involves working with a large number of servers and one of my frustrations with Firefox is that it’s not possible to select an entire IP address with a double click with the default settings.

Xen Summit 2011: My Takeways

·960 words·5 mins
Quite a few people who couldn’t make it to Xen Summit 2011 this year asked me to write a post summarizing my takeaways from the event.

Dual-primary DRBD with OCFS2

·979 words·5 mins
As promised in one of my previous posts about dual-primary DRBD and OCFS2, I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide for Fedora.

FUDCon 2011: Day One

·755 words·4 mins
The first day of FUDCon 2011 in Tempe is coming to a close tonight and I’m completely exhausted.

Gearing up for FUDCon 2011

·197 words·1 min
FUDCon 2011 in Tempe hasn’t even fully started yet, but it’s been well worth the trip already.

Single boot Linux on an Intel Mac Mini

·576 words·3 mins
After reading the title of this post, you might wonder “Why would someone pay for a Mac Mini and then not use OS X with it?


Securing your ssh server

·748 words·4 mins
One of the most common questions that I see in my favorite IRC channel is: “How can I secure sshd on my server?

Installing Xen 4 on Fedora 13

·85 words·1 min
Installing Xen can be a bit of a challenge for a beginner and it’s made especially difficult by distribution vendors who aren’t eager to include it in their current releases.

Very unscientific GlusterFS benchmarks

·375 words·2 mins
I’ve been getting requests for GlusterFS benchmarks from every direction lately and I’ve been a bit slow on getting them done.

One month with GlusterFS in production

·1153 words·6 mins
As many of you might have noticed from my previous GlusterFS blog post and my various tweets, I’ve been working with GlusterFS in production for my personal hosting needs for just over a month.


Changing the time zone in irssi

·94 words·1 min
I usually set the time zone on my servers to UTC, but that makes it a bit confusing for me when I use irssi.

Upgrade Debian etch to lenny

·40 words·1 min
I’ve tested this Debian etch to lenny upgrade process a few times so far, and it seems to be working well.

Linux: Adjust storage kernel module load order

·528 words·3 mins
I set up a system at home that has two SATA controllers: one is on the motherboard (nvidia chipset), while the other is on a Silicon Image SATA card that has three eSATA ports.