Disable Nvidia GPU on the Thinkpad T490

I wrote about installing Linux on the Lenovo ThinkPad T490 last month and one of the biggest challenges was getting graphics working properly. The T490 comes with an option where you can get a discrete Nvidia MX250 GPU and it packs plenty of power in a small footprint. It also brings along a few issues. Awful battery life There are many times where it would be helpful to fully disable the Nvidia card to extend battery life when graphics processing is not needed.

Bring Back Fedora’s Beefy Miracle boot splash

Way back in 2012 when Fedora releases had names, there was one release that many of us in the Fedora community will never forget. Fedora 17’s code name was “Beefy Miracle” and it caused plenty of giggles and lots of consternation (especially in vegetarian and vegan circles). No matter how you feel about the code name, the mascot was really good: Major and the beefy miracle in 2012 The mustard I was told several times that “the mustard indicates progress.

Thinkpad T490 Fedora install tips

🔨 WORK IN PROGRESS! I’m still finding some additional issues and I’ll write those up here as soon as I find some solutions. With my 4th Gen X1 Carbon beginning to age (especially the battery), it was time for an upgrade. I now have a T490 with a 10th gen Intel CPU and a discrete NVIDIA MX250 GPU. This laptop spec was just released on Black Friday!

Monitoring OpenShift cron jobs

Moving applications into an entirely containerized deployment, such as OpenShift or Kubernetes, requires care and attention. One aspect of both that is often overlooked is scheduled jobs, or cron jobs. ⏰ Cron jobs in OpenShift allow you to run certain containers on a regular basis and execute certain applications or scripts in those containers. You can use them to trigger GitLab CI pipelines, run certain housekeeping tasks in web applications, or run backups.

Monitor CyberPower UPS wattage

I have a CyberPower CP1350AVRLCD under my desk at home and I use it to run my computer, monitors, speakers, and a lamp. My new computer is a little more power hungry than my old one since I just moved to to a Ryzen 3700x and Nvidia GeForce 2060 and I like to keep tabs on how much energy it is consuming. Some power supplies offer a monitoring interface where you can watch your power consumption in real time, but I’m not willing to spend that much money.