Monitoring OpenShift cron jobs

Moving applications into an entirely containerized deployment, such as OpenShift or Kubernetes, requires care and attention. One aspect of both that is often overlooked is scheduled jobs, or cron jobs. ⏰ Cron jobs in OpenShift allow you to run certain containers on a regular basis and execute certain applications or scripts in those containers. You can use them to trigger GitLab CI pipelines, run certain housekeeping tasks in web applications, or run backups.

Research Paper: Securing Linux Containers

It seems like there’s a new way to run containers every week. The advantages and drawbacks of each approach are argued about on mailing lists, in IRC channels, and in person, around the world. However, the largest amount of confusion seems to be around security. Launching secure containers I’ve written about launching secure containers on this blog many times before: Launch secure LXC containers on Fedora 20 using SELinux and sVirt Improving LXC template security Try out LXC with an Ansible playbook CoreOS vs.