Reaching the fork in the road

Walt Disney said it best: We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. The world of technology is all about change. We tear down the old things that get in our way and we build new technology that takes us to new heights. Tearing down these old things can often be difficult and that forces us to make difficult choices.

Impostor syndrome talk: FAQs and follow-ups

I’ve had a great time talking to people about my “Be an inspiration, not an impostor” talk that I delivered in August. I spoke to audiences at Fedora Flock 2015, Texas Linux Fest, and at Rackspace. The biggest lesson I learned is that delivering talks is exhausting! Frequently Asked Questions Someone asked a good one at Fedora Flock: How do you deal with situations where you are an impostor for a reason you can’t change?

Slides from my Texas Linux Fest 2015 talk

Fedora Flock 2015: Keynote slides

Fedora Flock 2015 is still going here in Rochester, New York, and I kicked off our second day with a keynote talk about overcoming impostor syndrome. If you’d like to review the slides, they’re on SlideShare: Quite a few people came up after the talk and throughout the day to share some of their stories and challenges. It was extremely rewarding to have those conversations and share solutions. I’ll be doing the talk once more at Texas Linux Fest in San Marcos on August 22.