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Make your mark with the compose key

··519 words·3 mins
Keep your composure with diacritics, symbols, and other characters with the compose key! ⌨

Manage sound volume with volumeicon in i3

··320 words·2 mins
Simplify your i3 configuration and monitor sound levels with volumeicon in your tray with the i3 window manager. 🔈

Disable HiDPI in alacritty

··457 words·3 mins
The alacritty terminal on Fedora enables HiDPI mode by default. Break out your magnifying glasses as we disable HiDPI. 👓


Backlight control with i3

··296 words·2 mins
Adjust the LED backlight on your laptop quickly in i3 on Linux. 💡

Enable touchpad tap to click in i3

··779 words·4 mins
Enable tap-to-click on your laptop’s touchpad in i3 with one of two methods. 💻


Customize GNOME from i3

··310 words·2 mins
All of your GNOME and gtk applications are configured in i3 with a few simple tricks.

Automatic floating windows in i3

··651 words·4 mins
The i3 window manager is a fast window manager that helps you keep all of your applications in the right place.