How to thrive at a technical conference

I’m at the 2018 Red Hat Summit this week in San Francisco and I am enjoying the interactions between developers, executives, vendors, and engineers. It’s my seventh Summit (but my first as a Red Hat employee!), but I regularly meet people who are attending their first technical conference. The question inevitably comes up: “I’m so tired. How do you survive these events?” One attendee asked me to write a blog post on my tips and tricks.

How to sell: a guide for technical people

I’ll admit it right now: I love engaging customers and learning more about how what we do at Rackspace can help their business or ideas take flight. Talking with customers can be a little nerve-wracking at first since you’re not always sure what their experience level is and which products they really need. However, you can get past that initial nervousness very quickly by getting an idea of what the customer needs and what they’ve tried already (that didn’t work).