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Dark mode in Sway

·432 words·3 mins
Dark mode lovers rejoice! It’s possible to get (most) applications to show up in dark mode in the Sway window manager. 😎


Use GNOME Keyring with Sway

·1060 words·5 mins
Add encrypted ssh keys to your workflow more efficiently with gnome-keyring in the sway window manager.




Chrome 43 stuck in HiDPI mode

·311 words·2 mins
I ran some package updates last night and ended up with a new version of Google Chrome from the stable branch.

Share a wireless connection via ethernet in GNOME 3.14

·368 words·2 mins

There are some situations where you want to do the opposite of creating a wireless hotspot and you want to share a wireless connection to an ethernet connection. For example, if you’re at a hotel that offers only WiFi internet access, you could share that connection to an ethernet switch and plug in more devices. Also, you could get online with your wireless connection and create a small NAT network to test a network device without mangling your home network.