Red Hat Summit 2012: Wednesday

Wednesday was action-packed with dramatic keynotes and great sessions. The morning was kicked off by Paul Cormier and he talked about some new products coming from Red Hat. Much of the product releases were centered around cloud offerings (like Openshift) and his talk was mainly aimed at CIO’s and decision makers. There wasn’t a lot of technical detail within his talk but it was refreshing to hear a Linux vendor talk about their products as being revolutionary steps in pulling away from vendor lock-in and proprietary solutions.

Xen Summit 2011: My Takeways

Quite a few people who couldn’t make it to Xen Summit 2011 this year asked me to write a post summarizing my takeaways from the event. I’m not generally one to back down from peer pressure, so read on if you’re interested about the discussions at this year’s Summit. The feeling I had at last year’s summit is that Xen was on the verge of losing traction in the market. Very few distributions still had Xen support going forward and much of the discussion was around the lack of dom0 support in upstream Linux kernels.

FUDCon 2011: Day One

The first day of FUDCon 2011 in Tempe is coming to a close tonight and I’m completely exhausted. As promised, I’ll try to summarize the day and cover the talks which I attended. The day started out with Jared Smith’s “State of Fedora” address. The audio has already been posted on the wiki, but the speech was very positive overall. He talked about some of the struggles that have happened in the past and how they’ll probably happen again in some form or another.

Switching from GlusterFS to DRBD and OCFS2

As my uptime reports have shown, and as some of you have reported, my blog’s load time has increased steadily over the past few weeks. It turns out that one of my VM’s was on a physical machine that had some trouble and I was reaching a point where GlusterFS’s replicate functionality couldn’t meet my performance needs. Instead of using GlusterFS as I had before in my redundant cloud hosting guide, I decided to use DRBD in dual-primary mode with OCFS2 as the clustering filesystem on top of it.

Very unscientific GlusterFS benchmarks

I’ve been getting requests for GlusterFS benchmarks from every direction lately and I’ve been a bit slow on getting them done. You may suspect that you know the cause of the delays, and you’re probably correct. ;-) Quite a few different sites argue that the default GlusterFS performance translator configuration from glusterfs-volgen doesn’t allow for good performance. You can find other sites which say you should stick with the defaults that come from the script.