A short vacation

I’ve been on a bit of a vacation lately, and that’s why there’s been a lack of updates. On October 20th, I married the best woman on the planet, and we we’ve been on our honeymoon since then. New updates should start again this Monday!

2007-11-03 · 1 min · Major Hayden

A week’s vacation

So, you might be saying: “where the heck are the updates for RackerHacker lately?” Don’t worry, I’m still alive! Some work and personal obligations kept me away from the blogging for a week, but I’ll be hard at work finding new things for you as soon as I can!

2007-09-26 · 1 min · Major Hayden

Happy Labor Day

In the spirit of Labor Day, there will be no new items today. Plus, I worked today, and I’m tired. :-)

2007-09-04 · 1 min · Major Hayden