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You might see me on CNN Money soon

·52 words·1 min
A videographer from CNN Money stopped by the office today to ask about what makes Rackspace a unique place to work.

Xen Summit 2011: My Takeways

·960 words·5 mins
Quite a few people who couldn’t make it to Xen Summit 2011 this year asked me to write a post summarizing my takeaways from the event.


Taking a short posting break

·166 words·1 min
I’ll be taking a short break from posting, but I should be back underway within week!

Hosting the politicians

·178 words·1 min
Call me weird - but I like to know where people host their sites.

Have a great 2008

·20 words·1 min
I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope it is a great 2008 for you all!


Taking a little time off

·38 words·1 min
I’m taking a little bit of time off for Christmas, but I’ll be adding new posts on December 31st.

Happy Thanksgiving

·25 words·1 min
In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving today.

A short vacation

·45 words·1 min
I’ve been on a bit of a vacation lately, and that’s why there’s been a lack of updates.

A week’s vacation

·49 words·1 min
So, you might be saying: “where the heck are the updates for RackerHacker lately?

Happy Labor Day

·21 words·1 min
In the spirit of Labor Day, there will be no new items today.