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How to thrive at a technical conference

··1647 words·8 mins
I’m at the 2018 Red Hat Summit this week in San Francisco and I am enjoying the interactions between developers, executives, vendors, and engineers.

Install testing kernels in Fedora

··465 words·3 mins
If you’re on the latest Fedora release, you’re already running lots of modern packages.

Takeaways from my foray into amateur radio

··1135 words·6 mins
The Overland Expo in Asheville last year was a great event, and one of my favorite sessions covered the basics about radio communications while overlanding.


Thunderbird changes fonts in some messages, not all

··223 words·2 mins
Thunderbird is a great choice for a mail client on Linux systems if you prefer a GUI, but I had some problems with fonts in the most recent releases.

Display auditd messages with journalctl

··525 words·3 mins
All systems running systemd come with a powerful tool for reviewing the system journal: journalctl.


Getting started with gertty

··435 words·3 mins
When you’re ready to commit code in an OpenStack project, your patch will eventually land in a Gerrit queue for review.

Enable IPv6 privacy in NetworkManager

··480 words·3 mins
On most IPv6-enabled networks, network addresses are distributed via stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC).

Recovering deleted Chrome bookmarks on Linux

··85 words·1 min
After getting a bit overzealous with cleaning up bookmarks in Chrome, I discovered that I deleted a helpful Gerrit filter for OpenStack reviews.

Segmentation faults with sphinx and pyenv

··165 words·1 min
I’m a big fan of the pyenv project because it makes installing multiple python versions a simple process.

Tinkering with systemd’s predictable network names

··549 words·3 mins
I’ve talked about predictable network names (and seemingly unpredictable ones) on the blog before, but some readers asked me how they could alter the network naming to fit a particular situation.


GRE tunnels with systemd-networkd

··868 words·5 mins
Switching to systemd-networkd for managing your networking interfaces makes things quite a bit simpler over standard networking scripts or NetworkManager.

What I learned while securing Ubuntu

··1308 words·7 mins
The blog posts have slowed down a bit lately because I’ve been heads down on a security project at work.

Impostor syndrome talk: FAQs and follow-ups

··1079 words·6 mins
I’ve had a great time talking to people about my “Be an inspiration, not an impostor” talk that I delivered in August.

Understanding systemd’s predictable network device names

··1310 words·7 mins
I talked a bit about systemd’s network device name in my earlier post about systemd-networkd and bonding and I received some questions about how systemd rolls through the possible names of network devices to choose the final name.

Fedora Flock 2015: Keynote slides

··85 words·1 min
Fedora Flock 2015 is still going here in Rochester, New York, and I kicked off our second day with a keynote talk about overcoming impostor syndrome.

Live migration failures with KVM and libvirt

··334 words·2 mins
I decided to change some of my infrastructure back to KVM again, and the overall experience has been quite good in Fedora 22.

Very slow ssh logins on Fedora 22

··170 words·1 min
I’ve recently set up a Fedora 22 firewall/router at home (more on that later) and I noticed that remote ssh logins were extremely slow.