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Open source contributions: Just do it

··1169 words·6 mins
Want to make a change in an open source project? Take the Nike approach and Just Do It. 👟


Migrating from vscode to vim

··911 words·5 mins
Some people say I just enjoy the sound of my mechanical keyboard too much. 🤭 I see it as a simpler, more consistent workflow.



Getting started with gertty

··435 words·3 mins
When you’re ready to commit code in an OpenStack project, your patch will eventually land in a Gerrit queue for review.

Fight cynicism with curiosity

··779 words·4 mins
I’m always interested to talk to college students about technology and business in general.

Segmentation faults with sphinx and pyenv

··165 words·1 min
I’m a big fan of the pyenv project because it makes installing multiple python versions a simple process.


Improving LXC template security

··312 words·2 mins
I’ve been getting involved with the Fedora Security Team lately and we’re working as a group to crush security bugs that affect Fedora, CentOS (via EPEL) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (via EPEL).

Lessons learned from a kernel bisection

··494 words·3 mins
I’m far from being a kernel developer, but I found myself staring down a [peculiar touchpad problem][2] with my new Dell XPS 13.


DevOps and enterprise inertia

··780 words·4 mins
As I wait in the airport to fly back home from this year’s Red Hat Summit, I’m thinking back over the many conversations I had over breakfast, over lunch, and during the events.



Relocating a python virtual environment

··340 words·2 mins
Python’s virtual environment capability is extremely handy for situations where you don’t want the required modules for a particular python project to get mixed up with your system-wide installed modules.

Compare commits between two git branches

··205 words·1 min
I found myself stuck in a particularly nasty situation a few weeks ago where I had two git branches with some commits that were mixed up.

New Fedora and EPEL package: httpry

··229 words·2 mins
A fellow Racker showed me httpry about five years ago and I’ve had in my toolbox as a handy way to watch HTTP traffic.



Compress your web content for better performance

··133 words·1 min
Most web developers expend a lot of energy optimizing queries, reducing the overhead of functions, and streamlining their application’s overall flow.

Best PHP and MySQL development book

··167 words·1 min
I finally remembered this book when someone asked me about how to get started with PHP and MySQL development.


Huge MySQLTuner overhaul

··69 words·1 min
I’ve been flooded with requests for MySQLTuner and I’ve answered them this weekend.

Speeding up MySQL

··588 words·3 mins
If there’s one question I get a lot, it would be “Hey, how can I speed up MySQL?

MySQL connections in sleep state

··426 words·2 mins
On some servers, you may notice that MySQL is consuming CPU and memory resources when it’s not processing any queries.

Forcing HTTPS with PHP

··22 words·1 min
To force HTTPS with a PHP script, just put this snippet near the top: