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Monitor MySQL restore progress with pv

··250 words·2 mins
The pv command is one that I really enjoy using but it’s also one that I often forget about.



Best PHP and MySQL development book

··167 words·1 min
I finally remembered this book when someone asked me about how to get started with PHP and MySQL development.

Reducing locking delays in MySQL

··801 words·4 mins
Before getting started, it’s important to understand why MySQL uses locks.

Plesk and MySQL 5

··110 words·1 min
One of the questions I receive the most is: “What version of Plesk works with MySQL 5?

MySQL Replication: Wrap-up

··71 words·1 min
After a couple of weeks, my MySQL replication series has come to a close.

MySQL Replication: Slave Performance

··124 words·1 min
There’s a few final configuration options that may help the performance of your slave MySQL servers.

MySQL Replication: Upgrading the MySQL server

··197 words·1 min
If you want to make a DBA nervous, just let them know that they need to upgrade MySQL servers that are replicating in a production environment.

MySQL Replication: Breakdown

··313 words·2 mins
On some occasions, MySQL replication can break down if an statement comes from the master that makes no sense to the slave.

MySQL Replication: Delayed Slaves

··385 words·2 mins
In a perfect world, slaves will contain the same data as the master at all times.

MySQL Replication: Horizontal Data Partitioning

··110 words·1 min
If you have a master with multiple slaves, you can get some performance and save money on hardware by splitting data horizontally among your servers.

MySQL Replication: Backups & Data Integrity

··180 words·1 min
An often overlooked benefit of MySQL replication is the ability to make reliable backups without affecting the integrity of the MySQL data.

MySQL Replication: Redundancy

··311 words·2 mins
Although performance is a much larger benefit of replication, it provides some redundancy for your application as well.

MySQL Replication: Performance

··269 words·2 mins
MySQL replication can increase performance by allowing developers to spread queries over two servers.


Seven Step MySQL Replication

··133 words·1 min
MySQL replication may sound complicated, but it can be done easily.

Convert MyISAM tables to InnoDB

··170 words·1 min
If you want to convert a MyISAM table to InnoDB, the process is fairly easy, but you can do something extra to speed things up.

MySQL binary log rotation

··71 words·1 min
If you’ve run MySQL in a replication environment, or if you’ve enabled binary logging for transactional integrity, you know that the binary logs can grow rather quickly.

MySQL couldn’t find log file

··239 words·2 mins
This error will pop up when binary logging is enabled, and someone thought it was a good idea to remove binary logs from the filesystem:

MySQL: Errcode: 24 when using LOCK TABLES

··158 words·1 min
While running into MySQL’s open files limit will manifest itself into various error messages, this is the standard one that you’ll receive during a mysqldump:

MySQL unauthenticated login pile-up

··192 words·1 min
Sometimes MySQL’s process list will fill with unauthenticated login entries that look like this:

Huge MySQLTuner overhaul

··69 words·1 min
I’ve been flooded with requests for MySQLTuner and I’ve answered them this weekend.

MySQL’s query cache explained

··885 words·5 mins
An often misused and misunderstood aspect of MySQL is the query cache.

MySQL: Missing *.ibd files

··403 words·2 mins
Using the InnoDB engine can be tricky due to the ibdata files’ rather untraditional behavior.

Obscure MySQL variable explained: max_seeks_for_key

··539 words·3 mins
MySQL documentation can be awfully flaky - extremely verbose on issues that don’t require such verbosity, and then extremely terse on issues that need a lot of explanation.

Repair auto_increment in MySQL

··91 words·1 min
Table corruption in MySQL can often wreak havoc on the auto_increment fields.

MySQL time zone different from system time zone

··132 words·1 min
In some situations, the system time zone will be different than the one in MySQL, even though MySQL is set to use the system time zone.

Postgres process listing

··94 words·1 min
If you’re used to SHOW PROCESSLIST; or mysqladmin processlist in MySQL, you might be searching for this same functionality in postgresql.

Speeding up MySQL

··588 words·3 mins
If there’s one question I get a lot, it would be “Hey, how can I speed up MySQL?

MySQL connections in sleep state

··426 words·2 mins
On some servers, you may notice that MySQL is consuming CPU and memory resources when it’s not processing any queries.

Reset MySQL root password

··92 words·1 min
If you’ve forgotten the root password for a MySQL server, but you know the system root, you can reset the MySQL root password pretty easily.

Increase MySQL connection limit

··112 words·1 min
MySQL’s default configuration sets the maximum simultaneous connections to 100.

Securing MySQL

··419 words·2 mins
If you work on enough servers, you discover that a lot of people put the security of their MySQL server on the back burner.

MySQL Row & Data Limits

··197 words·1 min
As most folks know, by default, MySQL limits the size of a MyISAM table at 4GB.