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Connect Caddy to Porkbun

··707 words·4 mins
Caddy offers a great web and proxy server experience with minimal configuration and automated TLS certificates. Learn how to connect Caddy to Porkbun to get TLS certificates by managing your DNS records for you automatically. 🐷


Quadlets might make me finally stop using docker-compose

··1412 words·7 mins
Sure, docker-compose is great, but could we get similar functionality using just the tools that are built into CoreOS? Can we get automatic updates, too? Yes we can! 📦

Deploy a containerized Ghost blog 👻

··1130 words·6 mins
Ghost delivers a great self-hosted blogging platform that deploys well in containers. Let’s deploy it on CoreOS along with Caddy. ️📝

CoreOS as a pet

··1144 words·6 mins
CoreOS provides a fast track to running containers with a light weight immutable OS underneath. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep it around as a pet instance. 🐕


docker-compose on Fedora CoreOS

··1214 words·6 mins
My go-to method for managing containers easily is still docker-compose. It works really well on Fedora CoreOS. 📦


Deploy Fedora CoreOS in Hetzner cloud

··1020 words·5 mins
Launch your containers on Fedora CoreOS instances in Hetzner cloud with a few workarounds. 🚀