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FreeBSD: Limiting closed port RST response

·115 words·1 min
One of the nifty things about FreeBSD’s kernel is that it will limit closed port RST responses, which, in layman’s terms, just means that if someone repeatedly hits a port that’s closed, the kernel won’t respond to all of the requests.

Install snort and BASE on FreeBSD

·567 words·3 mins
Installing snort from ports on FreeBSD is pretty straightforward, but there are some ‘gotchas’ that you need to be aware of.

rpmdb: Lock table is out of available locker entries

·159 words·1 min
If up2date throws some horrible Python errors and rpm says “rpmdb: Lock table is out of available locker entries”, you can restore your system to normality with the following:

Telnet POP3 Commands

·36 words·1 min
If you ever need to communicate with a POP3 server via telnet to test it, here’s some commands you can use:

Disable SSH timeouts

·65 words·1 min
To pretty much completely disable SSH timeouts, simply adjust the following directives in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

Pre-upgrade Plesk Backup

·48 words·1 min
Before you upgrade Plesk, it’s always a good idea to make a backup and also make your ip and shell maps:

Redhat ES DST Links

·12 words·1 min
If you need Redhat DST change information, you can get it here.

New DST changes for 2007

·43 words·1 min
As you may or may not know, there’s new Daylight Savings Time changes in 2007.

Understanding LVM

·671 words·4 mins
LVM is handy when you want additional flexibility to grow or shrink your storage space safely without impacting filesystems negatively.

Cisco Logging to RHEL

·111 words·1 min
If you have a Cisco device logging to RHEL, here’s all that’s necessary:

Argument list too long

·39 words·1 min
If you have a ton of files in a directory and you need to remove them, but rm says that the “argument list [is] too long”, just use find and xargs: