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amazon-ec2-utils in Fedora

·912 words·5 mins
The amazon-ec2-utils package in Fedora makes it a bit easier to find devices in an AWS EC2 instance. ️🌀️

cloud-init and dhcpcd

·461 words·3 mins
Fedora’s cloud-init package now uses dhcpcd in place of dhclient, which went end of life in 2022. πŸ’€


Mounting the AWS Elastic File Store on Fedora

·1495 words·8 mins
Fedora now has the AWS Elastic File Store (EFS) mount helper available for Fedora 38 and newer releases! It chooses optimized NFS mount options for you and makes mounting and unmounting a breeze.

CoreOS as a pet

·1144 words·6 mins
CoreOS provides a fast track to running containers with a light weight immutable OS underneath. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep it around as a pet instance. πŸ•

Fedora on Oracle Cloud

·1139 words·6 mins
Add a Fedora x86_64 or aarch64 image to Oracle Cloud and launch an instance. πŸš€

Monitor your AWS bill

·845 words·4 mins
Nobody likes a surprise bill. Learn some ways to keep your AWS bill under control and avoid that end of the month panic. 😱

Migrating to AWS CloudFront

·2326 words·11 mins
New experiences bring joy! After working with fun AWS CloudFront hacks at work this week, I decided to migrate this blog to AWS S3 and CloudFront. β›…


Build a Tailscale exit node with firewalld

·788 words·4 mins
Tailscale exit nodes allow you to route your traffic through nearly any system in your tailnet. Learn how to build an exit node using firewalld. πŸ•³οΈ




Fedora 30 on Google Compute Engine

·877 words·5 mins
Fedora 30 is a great Linux distribution for cloud platforms, but it needs a little work to perform well on Google Compute Engine.





Tracing a build through OpenStack Compute (Nova)

·323 words·2 mins
My work at Rackspace has changed a bit in the last few weeks and I’ve shifted from managing a team of engineers to a full technical focus on OpenStack Nova.