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Mounting the AWS Elastic File Store on Fedora

··1495 words·8 mins
Fedora now has the AWS Elastic File Store (EFS) mount helper available for Fedora 38 and newer releases! It chooses optimized NFS mount options for you and makes mounting and unmounting a breeze.

Add CloudFront CDN to a Ghost blog

··1972 words·10 mins
Adding an AWS CloudFront CDN distribution to a Ghost blog improves response times on an already fast blogging platform and increases security along the way. ⚡

Monitor your AWS bill

··845 words·4 mins
Nobody likes a surprise bill. Learn some ways to keep your AWS bill under control and avoid that end of the month panic. 😱

Migrating to AWS CloudFront

··2326 words·11 mins
New experiences bring joy! After working with fun AWS CloudFront hacks at work this week, I decided to migrate this blog to AWS S3 and CloudFront. ⛅



Build AWS images with Image Builder

··1389 words·7 mins
Build a customized image for AWS with Image Builder and use the built-in automatic uploader and importer.