Enable AppArmor on a Debian Jessie cloud image

I merged some initial Debian support into the openstack-ansible-security role and ran into an issue enabling AppArmor. The apparmor service failed to start and I found this output in the system journal: kernel: AppArmor: AppArmor disabled by boot time parameter Digging in That was unexpected. I was using the Debian jessie cloud image and it uses extlinux as the bootloader. The file didn’t reference AppArmor at all:

cat /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf default linux timeout 1 label linux kernel boot/vmlinuz-3.

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What I learned while securing Ubuntu

The blog posts have slowed down a bit lately because I’ve been heads down on a security project at work. I’m working with people in the OpenStack community to create a new Ansible role called openstack-ansible-security. The role aims to improve host security by using hardening standards to improve the configuration of various parts of the operating system. This means applying security hardening to Ubuntu 14.04 systems since that’s the only host operating system supported by openstack-ansible at the moment.
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