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On diversity

·2117 words·10 mins
Diverse teams lead to great outcomes, but how we measure diversity remains a challenge. Enforcing it is even more challenging. 🌎

Car buying guide

·2170 words·11 mins
If you love to nerd out on just about anything, give it a try the next time you buy a car.

Engineering through layoffs

·1457 words·7 mins
Layoffs create traumatic times for many. Find ways to break through the frustration and pain. For those that stay, your ability to influence the business can grow. 🪴

Red flags

·1380 words·7 mins
Every job has its ups and downs, but when is it the right time to double down or the right time to leave? Make a list of red flags that help you decide. 🚩


Amateur Guide to Running

·1308 words·7 mins
Running gets me outside and gives me a challenge where I can compete against myself. Here are my tips for becoming an amateur runner. 🎽

Strong impacts require soft skills

·811 words·4 mins
Success at work depends on more than your technical ability. Improve your soft skills to increase your impact. 💪

How I write blog posts

·740 words·4 mins
This feels very meta, but I thought it would be a good idea to share my blog post writing process anyway. 📝

Raise the bar with an SBAR

·1457 words·7 mins
Efficiently communicate a problem and your recommendation in record time with an SBAR. 📝


Persuasion engineering

·2359 words·12 mins
Improve your persuasive skills to get your team on board with solutions to tough problems. 🤔


Fight cynicism with curiosity

·779 words·4 mins
I’m always interested to talk to college students about technology and business in general.


Fedora Flock 2015: Keynote slides

·85 words·1 min
Fedora Flock 2015 is still going here in Rochester, New York, and I kicked off our second day with a keynote talk about overcoming impostor syndrome.

Book Review: Linux Kernel Development

·760 words·4 mins
I picked up a copy of Robert Love’s book, Linux Kernel Development, earlier this year and I’ve worked my way through it over the past several weeks.


Evade the Breach

·831 words·4 mins
This post appeared on the Rackspace Blog last week and I copied it here so that readers of this blog will see it.

DevOps and enterprise inertia

·780 words·4 mins
As I wait in the airport to fly back home from this year’s Red Hat Summit, I’m thinking back over the many conversations I had over breakfast, over lunch, and during the events.


Seriously, stop disabling SELinux

·147 words·1 min
After many discussions with fellow Linux users, I’ve come to realize that most seem to disable SELinux rather than understand why it’s denying access.


Monitoring and protecting your reputation online

·706 words·4 mins
After a recent issue I had with some users in the Puppy Linux forums, I thought it might be prudent to write a post about how to monitor and protect your reputation online.

Preparing for Red Hat Exams

·1006 words·5 mins
I originally wrote this post for the Rackspace Blog but I’ve posted it here just in case anyone following my blog’s feed finds it useful.


Success with stress

·529 words·3 mins
This is a copy of a post I wrote for the Rackspace Talent blog.