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Version 2.0 has arrived

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As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t made as many posts lately as I normally would.

Taking a posting break

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I’d planned to add a new post this week, but I was sidelined with recovery from a surgery.

Xen Summit: Day One Highlights

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I flew out to San Jose, California with two other Rackers for the Xen Summit at AMD’s headquarters.

Best practices: iptables

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Anyone who has used iptables before has locked themselves out of a remote server at least once.

Why I’m a Racker

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I normally try to keep my work-related items separate from this blog, but I felt that I needed to break tradition for a moment.


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Sending signals to processes using kill on a Unix system is not a new topic for most systems administrators, but I’ve been asked many times about the difference between kill and kill -9.