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Wave the Plesk magic wand

·51 words·1 min
If Plesk ever appears to be out of sync with the configuration files, or if there’s a Plesk issue that’s occurring that makes no sense at all, just stand back and wave the Plesk magic wand:

Argument list too long

·39 words·1 min
If you have a ton of files in a directory and you need to remove them, but rm says that the “argument list [is] too long”, just use find and xargs:

Sum Apache Bandwidth From Logs

·34 words·1 min
If you’re not a fan of scientific notation, use this to calculate the apache bandwidth used from log files in MB:

Securing MySQL

·419 words·2 mins
If you work on enough servers, you discover that a lot of people put the security of their MySQL server on the back burner.


Can’t Kill Sendmail Processes

·98 words·1 min
If you find yourself in the sticky situation where kill -9 still won’t kill a sendmail process, check the process list.

Fedora/RHEL/Centos Won’t Init

·127 words·1 min
In the event that a Fedora/RHEL/CentOS box won’t perform the init (which comes right after the initial kernel load), don’t fret - it can be fixed.

Raising MaxClients? Change ServerLimit.

·114 words·1 min
Remember, if you raise MaxClients for an MPM in Apache, you must raise the ServerLimit directive, which is normally set to 256 on most servers.

Rootkit Checks on RHEL

·206 words·1 min
If you think you have a rooted RHEL box, you’ll want to run the usual rkhunter, chkrootkit, and you will want to inspect for rogue processes.

Group Editing With FTP

·223 words·2 mins
So you have multiple users that need to read and write to certain files on the filesystem?

Fixing Invalid HELO’s

·329 words·2 mins
If your server is spewing an invalid HELO, you could be blacklisted pretty quickly.