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Mounting the AWS Elastic File Store on Fedora

·1503 words·8 mins
Fedora now has the AWS Elastic File Store (EFS) mount helper available for Fedora 38 and newer releases! It chooses optimized NFS mount options for you and makes mounting and unmounting a breeze.

Car buying guide

·2180 words·11 mins
If you love to nerd out on just about anything, give it a try the next time you buy a car.

Add CloudFront CDN to a Ghost blog

·1984 words·10 mins
Adding an AWS CloudFront CDN distribution to a Ghost blog improves response times on an already fast blogging platform and increases security along the way. ⚡

Deploy a containerized Ghost blog ðŸ‘ŧ

·1136 words·6 mins
Ghost delivers a great self-hosted blogging platform that deploys well in containers. Let’s deploy it on CoreOS along with Caddy. ïļðŸ“

Engineering through layoffs

·1461 words·7 mins
Layoffs create traumatic times for many. Find ways to break through the frustration and pain. For those that stay, your ability to influence the business can grow. ðŸŠī

CoreOS as a pet

·1150 words·6 mins
CoreOS provides a fast track to running containers with a light weight immutable OS underneath. This doesn’t mean that you can’t keep it around as a pet instance. 🐕

My beef with mailing lists

·1385 words·7 mins
My issues with open source mailing lists aren’t with the technology, but with unorganized pattern of the discourse itself. 🖇ïļ

Fedora on Oracle Cloud

·1143 words·6 mins
Add a Fedora x86_64 or aarch64 image to Oracle Cloud and launch an instance. 🚀

1Password quick access in Sway

·239 words·2 mins
1Password has a handy quick access launcher and you can bring it on screen for fast access to passwords and two factor codes in Sway. 🔐

My home phone costs 85 cents a month

·1600 words·8 mins
After trying several services for home phones, I found a solution that costs me about $0.85 per month. ïļïļâ˜Žïļ

Monitor your AWS bill

·849 words·4 mins
Nobody likes a surprise bill. Learn some ways to keep your AWS bill under control and avoid that end of the month panic. ðŸ˜ą

Migrating to AWS CloudFront

·2334 words·11 mins
New experiences bring joy! After working with fun AWS CloudFront hacks at work this week, I decided to migrate this blog to AWS S3 and CloudFront. ⛅

Red flags

·1386 words·7 mins
Every job has its ups and downs, but when is it the right time to double down or the right time to leave? Make a list of red flags that help you decide. ðŸšĐ

Second try at self-hosting Mastodon

·2166 words·11 mins
Although my first attempt at self-hosting Mastodon was a failure, I went back for a second attempt with docker-compose. 🧗‍♂ïļ


Three years of keto

·1013 words·5 mins
Adopting the keto lifestyle in 2023? Here are some pointers from me after three years. ðŸ―

docker-compose on Fedora CoreOS

·1221 words·6 mins
My go-to method for managing containers easily is still docker-compose. It works really well on Fedora CoreOS. ðŸ“Ķ

My favorite podcasts

·664 words·4 mins
Podcasts provide a great way to keep up with current events or learn more about the world around us, especially while we’re doing other activities. 🎧

Adventures with the mastodon herd

·1325 words·7 mins
Ongoing changes at Twitter led me to take a second look at mastodon, including running my own mastodon instance. 🐘

Amateur Guide to Running

·1314 words·7 mins
Running gets me outside and gives me a challenge where I can compete against myself. Here are my tips for becoming an amateur runner. ðŸŽ―

Monitor a UPS with a Mikrotik router via SNMP

·706 words·4 mins
Mikrotik routers and switches serve as efficient network devices, but they know other tricks, too. Monitor your UPS with a Mikrotik device and query it via SNMP. 🔌

Build a Tailscale exit node with firewalld

·792 words·4 mins
Tailscale exit nodes allow you to route your traffic through nearly any system in your tailnet. Learn how to build an exit node using firewalld. ðŸ•ģïļ

Strong impacts require soft skills

·814 words·4 mins
Success at work depends on more than your technical ability. Improve your soft skills to increase your impact. 💊

How I write blog posts

·744 words·4 mins
This feels very meta, but I thought it would be a good idea to share my blog post writing process anyway. 📝

Takeaways from The Obesity Code

·1511 words·8 mins
This book teaches you more than dieting – it changes how you think about food entirely. ðŸ―

Migrating from vscode to vim

·917 words·5 mins
Some people say I just enjoy the sound of my mechanical keyboard too much. ðŸĪ­ I see it as a simpler, more consistent workflow.

Use GNOME Keyring with Sway

·1064 words·5 mins
Add encrypted ssh keys to your workflow more efficiently with gnome-keyring in the sway window manager.

Raise the bar with an SBAR

·1467 words·7 mins
Efficiently communicate a problem and your recommendation in record time with an SBAR. 📝